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Trial Summary

A randomised, placebo-controlled, phase II trial of adjuvant Avelumab in patients with stage I-III Merkel cell carcinoma aiming to explore the efficacy of avelumab as adjuvant immunotherapy.



ACTRN/NCT /ethics:


Scientific title:

Immunotherapy Adjuvant Trial in Patients With Stage I-III Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Sponsor / Cooperative group:

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Trials Limited

Trial & Patient Characteristics

Cancer TypeMelanoma & other skin
Trial TypeTreatment
PhasePhase II
Age Range18 years and older
Tumour Stream -
Cancer StageAll stages
Anticipated Start Date2020-10-08
Anticipated End Date2028-12-01

Participating Hospitals

HospitalRoyal Adelaide Hospital
Clinical Trial CoordinatorAnne Milton
Phone08 7074 2342
Principal InvestigatorProfessor Michael Brown
Recruitment StatusRecruiting