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Donor Funding: $60,000
Cancer Type: Leukaemia
Cancer Stage: All stages
Funded in: 2021

Professor Deborah White

My research has had significant impact on our knowledge of the biology and genomics and drug response of leukaemia (ALL and CML). My ongoing engagement with Pharma, means I can influence research and translational strategies in Industry. In my role as ALL Flagship lead, I direct ALL genomic and other screening strategies at the national level, and work with the health economics/policy teams to drive genomics into the clinical space. In my role on the Australian Genomics Executive I advise on new research/translation strategies across all Flagships. I am an invited member, and scientific advisor to the ANZCHOG Leukaemia committee and of the ALLG research committee, where I am also the Australian mRNA Seq lead. I am actively engaged in clinical trial design and head the correlative science component for current ALL clinical trials across the age course.