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Professor Lisa Butler 
(Principal Cancer Research Fellowship)


From bedside to bench to bedside:
improving prognosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Professor Lisa Butler’s research program examines the clinical journey of patients from surgery (bedside), to laboratory research (bench), through to novel clinical trial design (bedside).

Her goal is to improve treatment choices and outcomes for men with prostate cancer.

By developing more sensitive, non-invasive tests to monitor tumour behaviour, new therapies can be tailored to the patients who will benefit from them the most.

Associate Professor Andrew Rowland
(Mid-Career Fellowship)



A novel strategy to realize the benefits of Precision Dosing for high cost anti-cancer drugs.

Professor Andrew Rowland is a field leader in precision dosing of anti-cancer drugs. His research aims to establish a novel, readily actionable strategy (ADMExomoses) to track the impact of variability in drug exposure on the effectiveness and tolerability of a class of anti-cancer drugs called kinase inhibitors. Beat Cancer’s Mid-Career Research Fellowship will enable Professor Rowland and his team to evaluate the capacity of this new strategy to efficiently generate practice-changing evidence defining the value of precision dosing for kinase inhibitors.

Dr Jean Winter 
(Early Career Research Fellowship)


Rehabilitating the estrogen receptor to beat breast cancer.

Dr Jean Winter’s research focuses on a ground-breaking new treatment strategy for breast cancer, which aims to halt tumour growth by modifying abnormal hormonal pathways in the tissue.

This strategy has strong potential to increase the lifespan of breast cancer patients who develop resistance to hormone deprivation therapies.