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Vicki is a Ngarrindjeri woman from Tailem Bend, a country town on the River Murray, with her ancestry connecting her to Raukkan and several other Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups. Vicki has worked as an Educator in a variety of roles over the past 30 years and has spent the last 12 years at Tauondi Aboriginal College—first in the literacy and numeracy sector, then as the Cultural Trainer and Assessor where she delivered Indigenous Mentoring and Cultural Respect and Awareness training.

Vicki’s cultural knowledge, along with being a Ngarrindjeri weaver, led her to include cultural aspects in her sessions and connected her to organisations such as GPEx. Through this, she co-facilitated cultural training to Medical Centre staff through the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP).

Following discussions with Quitline, Vicki began her own journey to give up smoking, which inspired her to become a Quitskills Program Educator. She is now looking forward to sharing her knowledge with others who will provide similar support to those in their local communities.