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For Amy Weatherley, the Gawler Relay For Life isn’t just an event, it is about playing a part in the bigger picture and being part of a community that is helping to make a difference.

First taking part in 2012, Amy has seen the full cycle of relay, firstly as a participant then as a team captain and even a committee member.

Amy says a 19-hour walking event may seem overwhelming, but for those who are thinking about relay “the Gawler event is so welcoming and friendly as we are all working towards the common goal of a cancer free future. You will find it so rewarding especially walking alongside others as a team.”

A true relay advocate, Amy say’s fundraising is all about having fun, while making a difference.

“There are a number of different ways you can fundraise. Some of my favourites over the years has been raffles, community lotteries, markets (who doesn’t love a bake sale!), family fun days and movie nights.”

Amy at Relay For Life

For those getting ready for Relay, Amy has shared her top five tips to get the most out of the 19-hour experience.

1.       Create a team roster before the event. That way the walking is shared, and 19 hours becomes less overwhelming.

2.       Don’t be afraid to reach out to the committee or other teams taking part to get more information. The Relay for Life Facebook page and event page are great resources.

3.       Make a list of things you are wanting to pack and pass it around your team (you never know what someone thought of that may have never crossed your mind)

4.       Take a deep breath and use relay as an opportunity to reflect while also contributing to fundraising and making a difference.

5.       Have fun!

And remember, when you’re packing for Relay, it’s important to bring the essentials. Amy says there are three things that she never takes part in Relay without.

1.       Toiletries to help you feel fresh over the duration of the event.

2.       A full change of clothes. Make sure to include options for warm and cold weather as well as your walking shoes with a comfortable pair for rest time.

3.       Comfortable chair and blanket

Amy says the most important part of participating in relay is to not stress too much about what is going to happen.

“Remember it’s not about how big or small your contribution is, it’s raising awareness and helping to make a difference.”

This year, the Gawler community is Marching to a Million! They’re hoping to raise $55,000 to reach a grand total of $1 million raised for South Australians impacted by cancer since the event began. It’s not too late to donate to support Gawler Relay For Life on 18 to 19 March 2023. You can also register to take part in the Adelaide Relay For Life on 6 to 7 May 2023.

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