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Cutting back on the amount of alcohol you drink can benefit your health in many ways. By taking the pledge to go alcohol-free for the month of July, you can improve your health, reduce your cancer risk and help provide vital support to South Australians impacted by cancer.

Dry July is an annual fundraiser that encourages South Australians to take a break from alcohol in July to raise funds for people impacted by cancer. Each year, thousands of people from all walks of life join the challenge and go alcohol-free for the month of July.

Going alcohol-free in July is not only a great way to raise money for Cancer Council SA, but it can also improve your mood, decrease anxiety, increase your energy levels, improve your sleep and save money.

When it comes to cancer risk, there is no safe level of drinking. As many people know, alcohol consumption has been linked to several types of cancer, particularly those of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, oesophagus, breast and bowel.

That’s why Cancer Council SA recommends following the National Health and Medical Research guidelines to make informed decisions about avoiding or limiting alcohol.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a break from alcohol, Dry July is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being alcohol-free for a month, all while helping to provide vital support for people impacted by cancer.

By going alcohol-free in July and fundraising on behalf of Cancer Council, you’ll help us continue to provide our vital Cancer Council 13 11 20 Information and Support service for all Australians impacted by cancer.

Sign up to Dry July today and help make a difference.  

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