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In the past year, more than 1,200 volunteers gave up their time, energy and skills in various roles across the organisation to ensure we can continue to support South Australians impacted by cancer.

This February, six long serving and valuable members of the volunteering team are retired after dedicating more than 146 years of collective service to Cancer Council SA.

Ahead of their retirement, Cancer Council SA caught up with volunteers Pam, Pat, Shirley, Leverne and Moira and asked each of our them why volunteering is so important:

Pam Allen, 32 years of volunteering

As a Cancer Council volunteer Pam has been able to work across many teams. Pam has made many of Cancer Council SA’s events possible including Daffodil Day and Pink Ribbon Day by assisting with mailouts, filing and warehouse tasks for major campaigns.

“I have enjoyed the company and meeting different people through volunteering. It has been a great experience and I recommend volunteering to anybody who is considering it.” – Pam

Pat Naismith, 27 years of volunteering

Pat has been a valuable volunteer for 27 years, assisting in the Donor Revenue team and helping out in the Finance team to determine the contribution your generous donations will make to Cancer Council SA. Pat has enjoyed being part of the amazing group of volunteers and being able to give back.

“The friendship and helping charity aspects of volunteering are invaluable. Cancer Council SA is a fantastic charity.” – Pat

Shirley Neale, 27 Years of volunteering

Shirley has been a volunteer who is happy to do whatever is needed and during her time here presented herself as a valuable warehouse volunteer. Her volunteering time included coordinating the Daffodil Day volunteers at Northpark Shopping Centre.

“I have enjoyed my time volunteering and being able to do something for Cancer Council SA. I have gotten a lot out of the experience, and I feel as though I have been able to help towards a cancer free future.” – Shirley

Dorothy Sims, 25 years of volunteering

Dorothy joined Cancer Council SA in August 1997 showing interest in revenue development and public relations. She spent many of her days working alongside our fundraising team before transitioning to the warehouse.

Leverne Richter, 18 years of volunteering

Leverne joined Cancer Council SA in June 2004. She spent most of her time in fundraising and the warehouse, hosting morning teas at the former Greenhill Lodge and was instrumental in coordinating our Daffodil Day site at Westfield Marion from 2014 to 2019.

Moira Maguire, 17 years of volunteering

As an important part of the volunteering team, Moira spent her time with Cancer Council SA as a warehouse volunteer.

“We [volunteering team] have all been affected my cancer, so this opportunity has allowed us to be able to give back. The friendships are very rewarding, not only with the volunteers but Cancer Council SA staff as well. It has been a rewarding experience and I recommend volunteering; the new building is beautiful.” – Moira

A huge thank you to Pam, Pat, Shirley, Dorothy, Leverne and Moira for their incredible commitment. Cancer Council SA simply couldn’t do the work we do without you!

By donating your time, knowledge and energy as a Cancer Council SA volunteer you are helping us to reduce the rate and impact of cancer for all South Australians.

Learn more about how you can volunteer at Cancer Council SA.

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