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Hearing a stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis be delivered to the love of his life was just the start of the hardest time in James’ life.

In a time where he needed all the support possible, James felt he had no one to turn to.

Emma was already going through so much. I didn’t want her to see me cry. But I also felt like I couldn’t share it with anyone else because I didn’t want to bring them so low.”

As a man, James was trying to ‘protect his strength’. But it didn’t have to be this way. James didn’t have to go through it all alone.

Sadly, we know that a cancer diagnosis impacts not only the person diagnosed, but also those they love. In fact, for every person diagnosed it is estimated a further three people are impacted.

The ongoing support of the South Australian community continues to help fund Cancer Council SA’s programs and services like Cancer Council 13 11 20 which provides information and support, ensuring no one has to go through an earth-shattering cancer diagnosis alone.

Our Cancer Council 13 11 20 Nurses are there for anyone impacted by a cancer diagnosis, including those like James who are witnessing a loved one’s cancer journey. They can ensure that people like James are supported from diagnosis, through treatment, all the way to life after loss.

Thanks to the generosity of the South Australian community, our Christmas Appeal featuring James has raised an incredible $85,947 to date which will go a long way in ensure these services can continue into the 2023, helping stop the hurt and loss that cancer brings.

To raise this much is an amazing outcome, and one that all of our South Australian supporters like you should be proud of. Thank you to every person who donated, we simply couldn’t achieve this without your support.

If you haven’t given your gift to our Christmas Appeal yet and would like to, it’s not too late to help. You can still donate to our Christmas Appeal here.