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Do it for Cancer fundraiser Vanessa Maiorano, supporting Cancer Council SA has a very personal reason.

Vanessa was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in March 2022, after her son was born and following complications, was told that she also had Breast Cancer.

The news came as a huge shock to the young mum, who felt incredibly lost and alone.

‘’When I got diagnosed with cancer I got contacted by a 13 11 20 nurse and straight away they had organised six counselling sessions and ongoing therapy after that. They even provided financial assistance and checked in on me, they were amazing.”

“I lost myself along the way and felt like no one knew what I was going through. Cancer Council SA were really good at reassuring me that there is light at the end of the tunnel” she said.

“The nurses made me feel better about the experience. You can’t really feel better about the cancer diagnosis itself, but you felt better about knowing you are supported.”

After her diagnosis, Vanessa wanted to give back to the organisations that gave support to her, so she organised a fundraiser at Sunnybrae Estate known as Vanessa’s Cancer Awareness Fundraiser.

Vanessa Cancer Fundraiser

“We had a ticket price, got items donated and had a live auctioneer, with around 150 people attending. It was not only a fun experience, but was also incredibly rewarding, knowing that through sharing my story, I was also helping others,” she said.

Vanessa’s Cancer Awareness Fundraiser donated a generous $1,500 to Cancer Council SA.

“A real focus of our fundraiser was to let people know how Cancer Council supported, and continue to support, me and my family. We had tables of ten and one of the things I really wanted to drive home was how cancer impacts all of us and why support is so important.”

Vanessa Cancer Fundraiser

“One of the things I found was that that many people didn’t know about the range of services that Cancer Council SA provides to people impacted by cancer like me” she said.

“We felt that a fundraising event that focuses on awareness was the perfect way to let people know why community support is so important.”

If you’re considering hosting your own fundraiser, Vanessa’s advice is to just do it.

“Do it to raise the awareness, the feeling that you get after giving back to the community that has done so much for you is indescribable. Everybody is affected by cancer and unfortunately a lot of people are still going to be affected by cancer in the future.”

“Giving to Cancer Council SA now means that if and when someone is impacted by cancer in your life, they will have the support they need.”

“I look forward to being about to hold the fundraiser again so we can keep going. Our dream is that eventually, we will have a cure for cancer.”

Do It For Cancer fundraisers have no limits. To find out more and register to host your own Do It For Cancer fundraiser visit the Cancer Council SA website.

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