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Staging anal cancer

Staging describes how far the cancer has spread. Knowing the stage helps doctors plan the best treatment for you. Anal cancer is staged using the TNM (tumour–nodes–metastasis) system.

T (tumour) 0–4indicates how far the tumour has grown into the bowel wall and nearby areas: T1 is a smaller tumour; T4 is a larger tumour
N (nodes) 0–3shows if the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes (small glands): N0 means no cancer is in the lymph nodes; N1 means cancer is in the lymph nodes around the rectum; N2 means cancer is in pelvic and/ or groin lymph nodes on one side; N3 means cancer is in other nearby lymph nodes
M (metastasis) 0–1shows if the cancer has spread to other, distant parts of the body: M0 means cancer has not spread; M1 means cancer has spread

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