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What are sexuality and intimacy?

The role that sexuality plays in your life is influenced by many things – including your role as a parent or partner, age, health, relationships, culture and beliefs, opportunities and interests, where you live, and how you feel about yourself (self-esteem).

Sexuality – This is about who you are, how you see yourself, how you express yourself sexually, and your sexual feelings for others. It can be expressed in lots of ways – such as the clothes you wear, the way you move, the way you have sex, and who you have sex with. Sexuality is about more than just your sexual  orientation.

Sexual orientation – This refers to the attraction you feel towards another person. For example, you may identify as heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay or lesbian) or bisexual (attracted to men and women).

Sex – This is more than just intercourse with penetration. Sex includes touching, kissing, masturbation and oral sex. It can be one way to experience intimacy, but intimacy isn’t just about sex.

Intimacy – This is about feeling close to someone. This can be physically or emotionally. It can mean loving and being loved. It can be about showing mutual care and concern, or that you value someone and feel valued in return. Intimacy can be expressed in different ways. It may be through an emotional connection. You may share your thoughts and feelings with each other or share a special place or a meaningful experience. Even for those who don’t have sex, intimate touch such as kissing, cuddling or holding hands is often still important.

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