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Nicole Nuske’s personal cancer journey began when her beloved brother, Clint, passed away from cancer at only 16. The devastating impact of losing her brother so young, gave Nicole the inspiration she needed to sign up as a volunteer for Cancer Council SA the next year.

“I felt like I had to do something to raise cancer awareness, so I volunteered for a Daffodil Day fundraiser outside a Woolworths supermarket. After that, I did my best to volunteer every year.”

Nicole sees Daffodil Day as an opportunity to shine a light on what Cancer Council SA does to help and support those with cancer—and for those who have lost loved ones.

“For me, volunteering means hope. I love the word hope. There’s always hope that there’s a cure around the corner.”

She has found social media the best way to connect with others impacted by cancer and she uses it to raise awareness about her role as a cancer council volunteer and to support the work Cancer Council is doing.

“I may not always raise a lot every year, but for me it’s about raising cancer awareness. I use my social media networks and nearly everyone I know has been touched by cancer in some way. When someone is diagnosed with cancer it’s not only them affected—it’s their partner, children, parents, friends, and work colleagues.”

Sadly, Nicole’s family has been touched by cancer not once, but three times. Not only did she lose her brother Clint, but tragically, her mother-in-law too passed away from cancer. Her own Father also has a cancer diagnosis.

“My Dad has prostate cancer. He stayed at Greenhill Lodge, so I’ve seen first-hand what an amazing service it is. That’s why I fundraise because every little bit goes towards keeping essential cancer support services like that running.”

Nicole and her Dad were especially pleased with the bus service for guests who live in regional SA that brought him to and from the Lodge. “The bus was a lifesaver for my Dad,” she said.

Although Nicole’s mother-in law lost her life to cancer, she had a positive experience at Greenhill Lodge. “She felt fully supported by Cancer Council SA throughout her entire breast cancer experience. I know how much she benefited from the Lodge during her treatment and I’m grateful.”

Nicole is very excited about the new Cancer Council building under construction at 202 Greenhill Road which will replace the old Lodges with a ‘new home’, offering 120 accommodation rooms in an integrated facility combining cancer research, prevention, and support.

“The new Cancer Council building is going to be incredible for South Australia from what I’ve seen in photos. It means more people with cancer will have somewhere to stay and get the best support they possibly can. It’s amazing.”

After years of donating her time and energy to raising awareness for Cancer Council SA, Nicole is a true inspiration—her message is, if we keep working together, we can create a cancer free future.

“South Australians should all get involved to support Cancer Council SA, whether to volunteer, donate or buy merchandise. The funds go to cancer research, which is vital if we want to end the pain and heartbreak that cancer leaves in its wake. Research gives us hope that one day there’ll be a cure.”

If you’d like to join Nicole and support Cancer Council SA as a volunteer, you can register today either the website here or email us. 

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