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Guest facilities

Guest Kitchens

There is a Guest Kitchen on each level of the accommodation floors. Please refer to the floor map for location.

Guests may access kitchens at all times. They are shared facilities so please clean up after food preparation and cooking and make ready for the next guest to use. This includes placing all used and dirty dishes in the dishwashers provided.

Replace dishes from your room with clean dishes from the kitchen.

Do not store food items in the kitchen including the refrigerator, as all items are removed daily. Please use your room refrigerator.

3 people using a shared kitchen

Greenhill Lodge Guest Kitchen

Guest Recreation Rooms

There is a Guest Recreation Room on each level of the accommodation floors. Please refer to the floor map for their location.

The rooms are accessible daily from 7.00 am – 10.00 pm. Air conditioning requires manual operation on entry to the Guest Recreation Rooms and will automatically turn off after two hours.

Each level has a varied theme:

  • Level 2 – Kids’ space
  • Level 3 – Gymnasium
  • Level 4 – Library
  • Level 5 – Sports room

They are shared facilities so please tidy up after use. If using the gym equipment, please use the antibacterial surface wipes provided to wipe down before and after use. Always follow gym equipment instructions for your safety.

Guest Laundry

There is a Guest Laundry on each level of the accommodation floors. They are located behind the lifts (refer to the map for location).

Each laundry is open from 7.00 am – 10.00 pm daily. Ironing facilities are available in the laundry but please do not remove the iron.

Outdoor clothes lines are located on all laundry balconies.

Guest Lounge

The Guest Lounge is located on the ground floor next to Reception. It’s a meeting space where you can relax, take your visitors, help yourself to complimentary tea and coffee and enjoy the piano.

Dining Room

Continue through the Guest Lounge to reach the Dining Room.

Dinner is served Monday to Friday, at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm sittings. The restaurant is closed on weekends and public holidays. The menu is on all room TVs with pricing available at Reception.

Greenhill Lodge operates a pre-ordering system for meals and to guarantee your choice, pre-order all meals prior to 4.00 pm at Reception or with the Concierge Volunteers.

Guests are to inform the chef if they have any special dietary requirements or allergies on the meal order form.

Guests have the option to pay for their meals upon ordering. Alternatively, charges can be placed on the room account.

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by guests from the Dining Room during dinner service for consumption in the Dining Room only.

Alcohol is to be consumed at a minimum. Please do not take any alcohol into the common areas, (including Guest Lounge, Guest Kitchens and Recreation Rooms).

Vending machine

Located in the Guest Dining Room, all guests have access 24 hours a day/7 days per week to purchase the following (but not limited to) items:

  • Mini travel packs (e.g. dental, personal hygiene, toiletries)
  • Assorted drinks (incl. milk)
  • Light meals
  • Cereals
  • Savoury and sweet snacks

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